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Court: High
Topic: Judicial review
Category: Civil

HC02 - Ex-parte applications for judicial review

Order 84, Rule 20 of the Rules of the Superior Courts, requires applications for leave to apply for judicial review to be made by motion ex-parte.

All such applications should be made to the judge assigned to the ex-parte judicial review list on Mondays at 11.30 o'clock, or at such other time as shall be appointed.

Such applications should be grounded upon

(a) a notice in Form No.13 in Appendix T containing a statement of:

(i) the name, address and description of the applicant,

(ii) the relief sought and the grounds upon which it is sought,

(iii) the name and registered place of business of the applicant's solicitors (if any) and

(iv) the applicant's address for service within the jurisdiction (if acting in person); and

(b) an affidavit which verifies the facts relied on.

Such affidavit shall be entitled:-







The original statement and grounding affidavit should be filed in the Central Office beforehand and a certified copy, bearing the record number issued by the Central Office, provided to the Court on moving the application. A further copy of the statement should also be provided to the registrar.

Practitioners should note that exemption from court fees applies to habeas corpus proceedings, proceedings under the Extradition Acts 1965- 2001, bail proceedings and proceedings in a criminal case by way of certiorari mandamus prohibition or quo warranto.