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Called for jury service

Your jury summons requests you to attend for jury service on the date and at the time indicated.
Read the summons carefully paying particular attention to the list of persons ineligible, disqualified or excusable as of right. If you fall into any of these categories, indicate which category on the reply form briefly stating the reason. Detach the reply form and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided.

If you wish to make an application to be excused, this is at the discretion of the County Registrar and you should state your reasons as fully as possible on form J2. You should enclose any certificates or documents in support of your application. Another person can only apply for an excusal on your behalf in exceptional circumstances, for example, where you are too ill or injured to apply yourself. However, an employer cannot make an application on behalf of any employee.

You should keep the remaining portion of your summons for reference purposes and, if attending for jury service, bring it to court with you.


If you become ill after returning the form attached to the summons, you should inform the County Registrar's office immediately and send a medical certificate. The address will be on the front of the summons.


If you have to write to the County Registrar, please quote the number shown at the top right of the front page of the summons, where his/her name and address are also shown.


We do not provide parking facilities at our court venues. The County Registrar has no discretion in the matter of parking fines. We recommend where possible that you use public transport.