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There is no fee for making a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

However fees do apply for internal reviews in cases where you are seeking non-personal information.

Fees may be charged for the cost of photocopying. There are also charges for the search and retrieval of other information.

Explanation of fees:

Personal Information

If you are seeking access to your personal information there are unlikely to be fees or charges unless the volume of material is large, involving hundreds of records.

No charges are likely to arise in the case of requests or appeals relating to:

  • records containing personal information relating to the requester
  • amendments to records containing personal information
  • reasons for decisions which affected the requester.


The Minister for Finance has made regulations fixing fees under section 27(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2014. These are set out in Statutory Instrument No. 484 of 2014 Freedom of Information Act 2014 (Fees) Regulations 2014.