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Young Witnesses to benefit from production of new DVD.

Young Witnesses to benefit from production of new DVD.

The Courts Service has developed a first in information for young witnesses. A new DVD, 'Going to Court', will explain and demystify the court process for young witnesses in court cases.

This DVD and explanatory booklet has been tried and tested in school rooms. It will be shown for the first time at a media call Today Monday April 20th - where it will be presented to Mr Fergus Finlay the CEO of the childrens' organisation Barnardos.

Details; Courts Service CEO, Mr Brendan Ryan, will present the new 'Going to Court' DVD on Monday, April 20th, 2009, at 1.00 p.m. on the fifth floor of Phoenix House, Phoenix Street, North Smithfield, Dublin 7. The DVD will be presented to Barnardos for use by the organisation in enabling young people involved in the court process. Specific Statistics on children before the Courts will be released at the launch.

This production is a guide to what happens in court, who everyone in the courtroom is, how video link operates, what is the oath, where will you sit and a young person's job as a witness.

Most importantly it allows potential young witnesses to familiarise themselves with the court process. It also suggests that you can arrange to visit the court, or one nearby, and ask to see how video link operates in advance so on the day you know what to expect.

This advance familiarisation of what happens in court is a great way of calming the natural, but very real, nerves young people ? and all of us - may feel if asked to give evidence.

The DVD will be available through state, justice and voluntary organisations who deal with young people involved with the courts system and will be posted to our website. In the coming week it will also be uploaded onto Youtube, and Courts Service pages on Facebook and Bebo.