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There is no payment for jury service. Travelling expenses are not allowed. If you are actually serving as a juror, lunch will be provided on the day or days that the trial is at hearing.

If you are self-employed and your attendance at jury service may mean you cannot earn a living, you may qualify for excusal from jury service, at the discretion of the County Registrar.

If you are in employment, section 29 of the Juries Act, 1976 places a duty on your employer to allow you attend for jury service. The law also states that the time spent on jury service is to be treated as if the employee were actually employed. In other words, if you are in employment and are attending for jury service, you are entitled to be paid while you are away from work. There should be no loss of any other employment rights while you serve on a jury. The County Registrar will provide a certificate of attendance on request.