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Children Court

The District Court has jurisdiction to try a child or a young person for any offence except homicide provided that in the case of an indictable offence, the child's parent or the young person has been informed of his/her right to trial by jury and has consented to be dealt with summarily.

The Courts of Justice Act, 1924 provides for a sitting in a special court in the cities of Cork, Limerick and Waterford to be called the Children Court for the hearing of charges against children under 16 years of age except charges which by reason of their gravity or other special circumstances the judge shall not consider fit to be so dealt with. The Children's Courts are held in the courtrooms where the ordinary sittings of the District Court are held at the above venues.

In Dublin there is a separate Children Court which sits on each working day of the week.

At venues other than those already mentioned, charges against children are heard in a different building or room from that in which the ordinary sittings are held or on different days or at different times from those at which the ordinary sittings are held and the court so sitting is referred to as a Juvenile Court.


This page updated: 5th January 2006