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Court of Criminal Appeal

The Court of Criminal Appeal consists of a Judge of the Supreme Court and two Judges of the High Court. It hears appeals from people convicted on indictment in the Circuit or Central Criminal Court where they (the appellant) obtain a certificate from the trial judge that the case is a fit one for appeal. Also, where this certificate is refused, the Court of Criminal Appeal itself, on appeal from this refusal, may grant leave to appeal. An appeal may be made to the Court of Criminal Appeal against sentence only, conviction only or against both sentence and conviction. The DPP may also appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal on grounds of alleged undue leniency of sentence under the Criminal Justice Act 1993, Section 2. In the case of an alleged miscarriage of justice, an appeal may be lodged under Section 2 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1993. 


This page updated: 29th March 2006