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12/21/2017MemoThe Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Independent News and Media Plc & ors
12/21/2017Edwards J.Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Independent News and Media Plc & ors
12/21/2017Hogan J.Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Independent News and Media Plc & ors
12/21/2017Barrett J.Promontoria (Aran) Limited -v- O'Connor & anor
12/21/2017Charleton J.AAA & anor -v- The Minister for Justice & ors
12/21/2017MemoAAA & anor -v- Minister for Justice & ors
12/21/2017Barrett J.Kenna -v- Coughlan & ors
12/21/2017Barrett J.Collins -v- Director of Public Prosecutions
12/21/2017Costello J.Murphy Enviromental Hollywood Ltd. & ors -v- Spencer Place Development Company Limited & ors
12/21/2017Mahon J.Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Shine
12/21/2017DeterminationAllied Irish Banks Plc & anor -v- Morrissey
12/21/2017O'Regan J.C & ors -v- Galway County Council
12/21/2017O'Regan J.Porter & anor -v- An Bord Pleanála & ors
12/21/2017Baker J.Quesada Developments Limited & The Companies Act, 2014
12/20/2017MemoDirector of Public Prosecution v Avedenei
12/20/2017O'Malley Iseult J.Director of Public Prosecution v Avedenei
12/20/2017Dunne J.P. O. I. v Governor of Cloverhill Prison
12/20/2017Dunne J.Quinn v Athlone Town Council Ireland and the Attorney General
12/20/2017Keane J.J.O'C. -v- G.D. & anor; J.O'C.-v- K.W.
12/20/2017Barr J.O'Shaughnessy -v- Dublin City Council & ors
12/20/2017O'Regan J.An Garda Siochána Ombudsman Commission -v- O'Brien & ors
12/19/2017Peart J.Rippington & Ors -v- Cox & Anor
12/19/2017MemoRippington & ors -v- Cox & anor
12/19/2017Whelan J.Rippington & Ors -v- Cox & Anor
12/19/2017Whelan J.Rippington & Ors -v- Cox & Anor
12/19/2017Noonan J.O'Reilly -v- Director of Public Prosecutions
12/19/2017Barrett J.Cork Institute of Technology & anor -v- Minister for Transport,Tourism and Sport & ors
12/19/2017Costello J.O'Brien & anor -v- An Bord Pleanála & anor
12/19/2017DeterminationKeon -v- Gibbs
12/19/2017Murphy Deirdre J.Cash -v- Governor of Wheatfield Prison
12/18/2017Barton J.Marek -v- Mocior t/a Summitto Garden Architecture and Landscape Design & anor
12/18/2017Edwards J.McGuinness -v- The Commissioner of An Garda Siochana & Ors
12/18/2017DeterminationFulham -v- An Bord Pleanála & ors
12/18/2017DeterminationIRM and SJR and SOM -v- Minister for Justice and Equality & anor
12/15/2017Hogan J.Used Car Importers of Ireland Limited -v- Minister for Finance & Ors