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New website:
As of Monday 26th August 2019 no new judgments will be added on this site. Instead you should visit our new website beta.courts.ie. The beta site will eventually replace this one as our main site.
There is a much-improved search facility for judgments on the beta site, allowing for searching by jurisdiction/judge/neutral citation and/or date range. There's also a free-text search field.
This site will remain active as an archive for the coming weeks.

Determinations will also move to the new site shortly.

This section contains written judgments made available by the Supreme Court from 2001, the Court of Appeal from 2014 and the High Court from 2004.

There are also judgments of the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Courts-Martial Appeal Court, the Central Criminal Court, the Circuit Court and judgments of the District Court in childcare cases.

There are determinations of the Supreme Court from 2015.

Disclaimer, copyright and re-use of judgments.


All recent court judgments:
Use the following list to find judgments most recently made available.

They are displayed in descending date order. Use the Next button to access documents earlier in time. Use the Previous button to access documents delivered later in time.

Date format:
The dates displayed within pages in the Judgments database are dependant on the language settings for your device/web browser. If you see dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format but you normally use dd/mm/yyyy, please check to see that you have the correct language selected in your device/browser.

Date DeliveredTitleCourtDate Uploaded
08/21/2019P.F. -v- The International Protection Appeals Tribunal & anor; P.F. -v- The International Protection Officer & orsHigh Court08/23/2019
08/21/2019W.G. -v- The Chief Superintendent of the Garda National Immigration Bureau & anorHigh Court08/23/2019
08/16/2019Goudriaan -v- Jenda Corporate Holdings ltd. & orsHigh Court08/20/2019
08/14/2019Gleann Fia Homes ltd. -v- An Bord Pleanála & orsHigh Court08/19/2019
08/08/2019Stephenson -v- Sligo County CouncilHigh Court08/19/2019
07/31/2019B (a minor) suing by his mother and next friend X -v- The Board of Management of St. Q's College
C (a minor) suing by his mother and next friend Y -v- The Board of Management of St. Q's College
Court of Appeal08/19/2019
07/31/2019Kildare County Council -v- MorrinHigh Court08/19/2019
07/31/2019Munteanu -v- Minister for Social Protection & OrsCourt of Appeal08/19/2019
07/31/2019Sheehan -v- Breccia & OrsCourt of Appeal08/19/2019
08/16/2019Ratushnyak -v- The Minister for Justice and EqualityHigh Court08/16/2019
07/15/2019The Football Association Premier League ltd. -v- Eircom ltd. t/a Eir & orsHigh Court08/16/2019
03/29/2019The Minister for Justice and Equality -v- TejzaHigh Court08/15/2019
08/09/2019Asif -v- The Minister for Justice and Equality & orsHigh Court08/14/2019
03/01/2019The Minister for Justice and Equality -v- VestartasHigh Court08/12/2019
01/11/2019Gilroy -v- Callanan & orsHigh Court08/12/2019
03/23/2018Danske Bank a/s t/a Danske Bank -v- Daniels & orsHigh Court08/12/2019
03/23/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- GreeneHigh Court08/12/2019
07/31/2019Promontoria (Aran) ltd. -v- Sheehy & anorHigh Court08/09/2019
07/30/2019Noble -v- Bonner & orsHigh Court08/09/2019
07/26/2019Director of Public Prosecutions -v- BlackCourt of Appeal08/09/2019
03/23/2019Barrett & anor -v- Philip Joyce p/a Joyce and Barry SolicitorsHigh Court08/09/2019
03/23/2018Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank -v- PearceHigh Court08/09/2019
07/31/2019Trafalgar Developments ltd. & ors -v- Mazepin & orsHigh Court08/08/2019
07/31/2019Trafalgar Developments ltd. & ors -v- Mazepin & orsHigh Court08/08/2019
07/30/2019Ennis Property Finance dac & anor -v- Casey & orsHigh Court08/08/2019
07/30/2019Point Village Development Ltd. (In Receivership) -v- Dunnes StoresCourt of Appeal08/08/2019
07/29/2019Miranda & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Alves Da Silva & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Monteiro Da Silva & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Oliveira Matos & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Alves Guedes Monteiro & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Almeida & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Abrantes Do Carmo & Ors -v- Rosas Construtores SA & Ors
Court of Appeal08/08/2019
01/18/2019McCormack -v- Timlin & orsHigh Court08/08/2019
07/31/2019Dorr -v- LohanCourt of Appeal08/07/2019
07/31/2019O'Connor -v- Kelly & Ors
O'Connor -v- Property Registration Authority of Ireland
Court of Appeal08/07/2019

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