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This section contains written judgments made available by the Supreme Court from 2001, the Court of Appeal from 2014 and the High Court from 2004.

There are also judgments of the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Courts-Martial Appeal Court, the Central Criminal Court, the Circuit Court and judgments of the District Court in childcare cases.

There are determinations of the Supreme Court from 2015.

Disclaimer, copyright and re-use of judgments.


All recent court judgments:
Use the following list to find judgments most recently made available.

They are displayed in descending date order. Use the Next button to access documents earlier in time. Use the Previous button to access documents delivered later in time.

Date DeliveredTitleCourtDate Uploaded
07/28/2016Tulsa Child and Family Agency -v J & PDistrict Court09/29/2016
07/21/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- C.C. & anorCourt of Appeal09/29/2016
07/04/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- JM [No. 2]District Court09/29/2016
06/28/2016O'Beirne v Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank & orsHigh Court09/29/2016
06/01/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- R. McADistrict Court09/29/2016
04/07/2016Jamroziewicz v O'Neill Brennan Limited & anorHigh Court09/29/2016
03/02/2016The Child and Family Agency -v- T & anorDistrict Court09/29/2016
02/11/2016The Child and Family Agency -v- I & anorDistrict Court09/29/2016
02/03/2016Health Service Executive -v- M & anorDistrict Court09/29/2016
01/28/2016The Child and Family Agency -v- DDistrict Court09/29/2016
06/12/2015Heath Service Executive -v- JCDistrict Court09/29/2016
07/27/2016Walsh & anor -v- Barrett & anorHigh Court09/28/2016
07/22/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- M.K. Court of Appeal09/28/2016
09/27/2016In the matter of Richard Hammond seeking to be appointed a Notary PublicSupreme Court09/27/2016
07/25/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- B.D.Court of Appeal09/27/2016
06/09/2015Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Wall & orsCourt of Appeal09/27/2016
07/18/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- RyanCourt of Appeal09/26/2016
09/15/2016JJ Red Holdings Limited & Companies Act 2014High Court09/22/2016
09/15/2016Dunne -v- Gov of Midlands PrisonHigh Court09/21/2016
03/02/2016Farrell & anor -v- Petrosyan & orsHigh Court09/21/2016
08/23/2016Muwema -v- Facebook Ireland LtdHigh Court09/20/2016
07/12/2016Gibb -v- Promontoria (Aran) Ltd & orsHigh Court09/20/2016
03/10/2016Morgan & anor -v Fairview Developments Ltd & orsHigh Court09/20/2016
07/22/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- McCarthyCourt of Appeal09/16/2016
07/22/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- T.B.Court of Appeal09/16/2016
07/19/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- KielyCourt of Appeal09/16/2016
07/18/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- CumminsCourt of Appeal09/16/2016
07/18/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- MasonCourt of Appeal09/16/2016
07/08/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- McDonaghCourt of Appeal09/16/2016
07/05/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- ReillyCourt of Appeal09/16/2016

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