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10/28/2011G.E. -v- Governor of Cloverhill Prison & anorSupreme Court
07/19/2011Canty -v- Attorney General & orsSupreme Court
07/19/2011Governors and Guardians Rotunda Hospital -v- Information CommissionersSupreme Court
07/14/2011Bovale Developments & Companies Acts: Director of Corporate Enforcement -v- Bailey & anorSupreme Court
06/07/2011D. -v- D.Supreme Court
06/07/2011Stanley -v- KieranSupreme Court
04/12/2011Dellway Investments & ors -v- NAMA & orsSupreme Court
04/08/2011Director of Public Prosecutions -v- McNeillSupreme Court
03/31/2011Charalambous -v- NagleSupreme Court
03/25/2011Criminal Assets Bureau -v- H. & anorSupreme Court
03/09/2011Lynch -v- Binnacle Ltd t/a Cavan Co-Op MartSupreme Court
02/17/2011Director of Public Prosecutions -v- SmallCourt of Criminal Appeal
02/16/2011Director of Public Prosecutions -v- O'NeillSupreme Court
01/25/2011A.P. -v- Director of Public ProsecutionsSupreme Court
11/23/2010Board of Management of St. Molaga's National School -v- Secretary Department of Education & orsSupreme Court
10/27/2010Hiney -v- Flanagan & orsSupreme Court
07/29/2010Director of Public Prosecutions -v- GouldingCourt of Criminal Appeal
07/23/2010Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform -v- RettingerSupreme Court
07/09/2010Izevbekhai & ors -v- Minister for Justice Equality, and Law ReformSupreme Court
07/09/2010Tierney & ors -v- North Eastern Health BoardSupreme Court
05/20/2010A.Bu. -v- J.Be.Supreme Court
05/20/2010A.Bu. -v- J.Be.Supreme Court
04/22/2010Danske Bank t/a National Irish Bank -v- Durcan New Homes & orsSupreme Court
04/21/2010Murphy & ors -v- Flood & orsSupreme Court
03/19/2010Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform -v- MurphySupreme Court
03/16/2010Carlin -v- Director of Public ProsecutionsSupreme Court
03/04/2010Tivway Limited & ors & Companies ActsSupreme Court
01/29/2010Sparrow -v- Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and Food & anorSupreme Court
01/28/2010Director of Public Prosecutions -v- BoyleCourt of Criminal Appeal
01/21/2010Meadows -v- Minister for Justice Equality and Law ReformSupreme Court
12/17/2009Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform -v- StaffordSupreme Court
12/15/2009Roche -v- Roche & orsSupreme Court
12/10/2009McD. -v- L. & anorSupreme Court
11/12/2009Director of Public Prosecutions -v- ConnollyCourt of Criminal Appeal