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12/18/2017Marek -v- Agatha Mocior T/A Summito Garden Architecture & OrsHigh Court
12/18/2017Marek -v- Mocior t/a Summitto Garden Architecture and Landscape Design & anorHigh Court
12/13/2017Ryanair LTD & Anor -v- Van Zwol & OrsHigh Court
10/20/2017N.C. -v- The Minister for Health and ChildrenHigh Court
10/20/2017P.B. -v- The Minister for HealthHigh Court
10/06/2017J.Q. -v- The Minister for HealthHigh Court
08/15/2017Moorehouse -v- Governor of Wheatfield Prison & orsHigh Court
07/28/2017Griffin -v- Bellway Limited t/a The LaurelsHigh Court
07/21/2017Dore -v- The Minister for FinanceHigh Court
06/28/2017Fagan -v- Dunnes StoresHigh Court
06/16/2017McGovern -v- Tully & anorHigh Court
05/25/2017Kirby -v- Minister for Defence & OrsHigh Court
05/16/2017Maycock -v- National College of Ireland GLC t/a N.C.IHigh Court
04/07/2017McFadden -v- NeuholdHigh Court
04/07/2017Ononkewagbe & Anor -v- The Governor of the Dochas Centre & AnorHigh Court
02/24/2017Maloney -v- Dunnes Stores (Newbridge) LimitedHigh Court
02/21/2017DJ -v- The Minister for HealthHigh Court
01/30/2017Browne -v- The Minister for Finance and Public ExpenditureHigh Court
01/18/2017Shortall -v- ActonHigh Court
12/21/2016Shaughnessy -v- NohillyHigh Court
12/13/2016Kenneally -v- De Puy International LimitedHigh Court
10/13/2016A.Q. -v- The Minister for HealthHigh Court
08/10/2016P.O. -v- G.E. (a minor) & anorHigh Court
08/04/2016Maguire -v- The Minister for FinanceHigh Court
07/29/2016Omotayo -v- GriffinHigh Court
07/19/2016A.Q. -v- Minister for HealthHigh Court
07/08/2016Mohammad v WalshHigh Court
06/20/2016Brant -v- Minister for Public ExpenditureHigh Court
06/08/2016Voloshyna -v- Dunnes StoresHigh Court