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10/31/2018Hurley Property ICAV -v- Charleen LimitedHigh Court
10/17/2018Transcore, LP -v- The National Roads Authority, Operating Under The Name of Transport Infrastructre IrelandHigh Court
07/31/2018Clonres CLG -v- An Bord Pleanála & ors; Sweetman -v- An Bord Pleanála & ors; Conway -v- An Bord Pleanála & ors High Court
07/31/2018McWhinney -v- Cork City CouncilHigh Court
06/08/2018Beumer (application for Habeas Corpus)High Court
06/08/2018Kennedy (application for Habeas Corpus)High Court
06/08/2018Ward (application for Habeas Corpus)High Court
06/05/2018Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited -v- Mylan Teoranta t/a Mylan Institutional & anorHigh Court
05/22/2018Mthethwa (an applicant for Habeas Corpus)High Court
05/04/2018SC SYM Fotovoltaic Energy SRL -v- Mayo County Council High Court
03/14/2018Dunnes Stores & anor -v- McCannHigh Court
03/14/2018Mustardside & ors - v - Tacre & orsHigh Court
02/20/2018SC SYM Fotovoltaic Energy Srl -v- Mayo County Council & orsHigh Court
01/29/2018Homecare Medical Supplies Unlimited Company -v- Health Service Executive & anorHigh Court
01/24/2018SC SYM Fotovoltaic Energy Srl -v- Mayo County Council & orsHigh Court
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