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01/24/2018Browne -v- Van Geene & anorHigh Court
12/20/2017O'Shaughnessy -v- Dublin City Council & orsHigh Court
12/06/2017J.McP. -v- M.McP. & anorHigh Court
11/30/2017Keegan -v- Sligo County CouncilHigh Court
11/27/2017Phillips -v- MulcahyHigh Court
10/20/2017Browne -v- Van Geene & anorHigh Court
07/31/2017J.T. -v- A.M. & anorHigh Court
07/28/2017Antecki -v- Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland & orsHigh Court
07/26/2017McGregor -v- Health Service ExecutiveHigh Court
06/30/2017Matute -v- Medtronic Ireland Ltd. & orsHigh Court
06/28/2017Brennan -v- Depuy International Limted & anorHigh Court
06/28/2017Heeney -v- Depuy International Limited & anorHigh Court
05/31/2017Duffy -v- LyonsHigh Court
05/12/2017Devitt -v- Lawlor & orsHigh Court
05/11/2017Wilcynska -v- Dunnes StoresHigh Court
05/09/2017Cooke -v- HackettHigh Court
05/04/2017Bride -v- OliverHigh Court
05/03/2017Power -v- Eustace & OrsHigh Court
04/28/2017Dardis -v- PoplovkaHigh Court
04/07/2017Gardiner -v- Zinc Processors Limited High Court
04/07/2017Stokes -v- South Dublin County CouncilHigh Court
04/07/2017Walsh -v- Wexford Wanderers Rugby ClubHigh Court
03/01/2017Dardis -v- PoplovkaHigh Court
02/28/2017Lennon -v- Fun Fitness Limited (in liquidation) High Court
01/27/2017Doyle -v- Bailey & AnorHigh Court
01/19/2017Massey -v- StaggHigh Court
01/18/2017Djadenko -v- Dunnes StoresHigh Court
12/16/2016Kelly -v- Commissioner of An Garda Síochána & orsHigh Court
12/07/2016McAteer -v- Doczi & orsHigh Court
12/02/2016Zhang -v- FarrellHigh Court
11/08/2016GB & anor -v- HBHigh Court