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11/10/2017Raymond & ors -v- Moyles & orsHigh Court
11/01/2017Re: Hayes, a debtorHigh Court
11/01/2017Ward -v- The Minister for Justice and Equality & anor; Ward -v- The Minister for Justice and Equality & anorHigh Court
10/20/2017O'Donnell -v- Ryan & orsHigh Court
10/13/2017O'Connor -v- County council of the County of OffalyHigh Court
10/12/2017Vivier Mortgages Limited -v- LehaneHigh Court
10/05/2017Reilly & Personal Insolvency Acts 2012-2105High Court
10/05/2017Ryan -v- Leonard & AnorHigh Court
07/31/2017AIB Mortgage Bank -v- ThompsonHigh Court
07/10/2017Cleary Compost and Shredding Ltd. -v- An Bord PleanálaHigh Court
07/10/2017Cullen -v- Sheehy & anor; Nevin -v- Sheehy & anorHigh Court
07/03/2017Re: McDonnell, a debtorHigh Court
06/19/2017McLoughlin -v- Governor of Wheatfield Prison & orsHigh Court
06/01/2017Haier European Trading SRL -v- Mares Associates LimitedHigh Court
06/01/2017Murphy's Irish Seafood Limited -v- Minister for Agriculture Food and the MarineHigh Court
05/22/2017Re: Callaghan, a debtorHigh Court
05/22/2017Re: Hickey, a debtorHigh Court
05/11/2017Daly -v- Kilronan Windfarm LtdHigh Court
05/09/2017Park Magic Mobile Solutions Limited & Companies ActHigh Court
05/05/2017Mulhare & Anor -v- Cork County CouncilHigh Court
05/04/2017Gervin -v- Motor Insurers Bureau of IrelandHigh Court
05/04/2017Morey -v- Marymount University Hospital and Hospice Limited & AnorHigh Court
05/04/2017Morgan -v- Slaneygio & AnorHigh Court
04/06/2017Dunne -v- Governor of Wheatfield Prison & Anor High Court
04/06/2017Irish Water -v- Woodstown Bay Shellfish LimitedHigh Court
04/06/2017Re: Varma, a debtorHigh Court
03/30/2017ACC Loan Management -v- DooleyHigh Court
03/30/2017Gallagher -v- Letterkenny General Hospital & OrsHigh Court
03/30/2017McGrath & Ors -v- Reddy Charlton McKnightHigh Court
03/28/2017BPSG Limited t/a Stubbs Gazette -v- The Courts Service & Anor High Court
03/28/2017JC -v- Director of Public ProsecutionsHigh Court
03/01/2017Regan Developments Limited & Companies Acts High Court
02/27/2017Ennis & Personal Insolvency ActsHigh Court