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12/11/2018Michael and Thomas Butler Ltd & ors -v- BOSOD Ltd & ors High Court12/11/2018
12/07/2018Pinewood Wind Ltd. -v- The Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Goverment & anor; Element Power Ltd. -v- The Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Goverment & anorHigh Court12/11/2018
12/06/2018Cullen -v- The Director of Public ProsecutionsHigh Court12/11/2018
11/30/2018Kelly -v- Transdev Dublin Light Rail Ltd. & anorHigh Court12/11/2018
12/10/2018Kenny & ors -v- Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform & orsSupreme Court12/10/2018
12/07/2018Safdar -v- The Minister for Justice and Equality & orsHigh Court12/10/2018
12/07/2018S.G.B. Finance S.A. -v- The Owners and all Persons Claiming an Interest in the M.V. "Connoisseur"High Court12/10/2018
12/03/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- KirbyCourt of Appeal12/10/2018
11/30/2018The Marine Survey Office & ors -v- D'Amico Societá Di Navigazione t/a MV Cielo Di MonacoHigh Court12/10/2018
12/07/2018Darastream Limited -v- Health Service ExecutiveHigh Court12/07/2018
12/06/2018ADM Londis Ltd. Co. -v- FlynnHigh Court12/07/2018
12/05/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- TisoCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
12/05/2018Forde -v- Judge Doyle & OrsCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
12/04/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Hughes & FoxCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
12/04/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Kelly & OrsCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
12/03/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- DownesCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
12/03/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- GarveyCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
11/30/2018Stein -v- Scallon & Anor
Gorrell -v- Scallon & Anor
Court of Appeal12/07/2018
11/29/2018Kildare County Council -v- ReidCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
11/29/2018O'Connor -v- Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine & OrsCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
11/28/2018The Minister for Justice -v- Celmer (No. 6) & anorHigh Court12/07/2018
11/27/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- MurphyCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
11/27/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- M.T. Court of Appeal12/07/2018
11/26/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Morey & PriceCourt of Appeal12/07/2018
10/30/2018Bennett & anor -v- The Minister for Justice and EqualityHigh Court12/07/2018
12/06/2018Dwyer -v- Commissioner of An Garda Síochána & orsHigh Court12/06/2018
12/06/2018O' S -v- The Residential Institutions Redress Board & orsSupreme Court12/06/2018
07/26/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- AlmasiCourt of Appeal12/06/2018
12/05/2018Fitzpatrick & anor -v- An Bord Pleanala & orsSupreme Court12/05/2018
12/03/2018Re: Featherson (Personal Insolvency)High Court12/05/2018
12/03/2018Re: Tinkler ( Personal Insolvency)High Court12/05/2018
11/30/2018Quinn -v- Reserve Defence Forces Representative Association & orsHigh Court12/05/2018
11/28/2018Re: M.D.Y. Construction Ltd.High Court12/05/2018
11/27/2018Hedgecroft Limited T/A Beary Capital Partners -v- Htremfta Limited (Formerly Dolmen Securities Ltd) & OrsCourt of Appeal12/05/2018
11/27/2018Hennessy -v- An Bord PleanálaHigh Court12/05/2018