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02/14/2018Allied Irish banks plc -v- McGuigan & orsHigh Court02/20/2018
02/14/2018Purcell -v- Tesco Ireland Ltd & anorHigh Court02/20/2018
02/14/2018St.Margaret's Concerned Residents & ors -v- Dublin Airport Authority plcHigh Court02/20/2018
02/14/2018Word Perfect Translation Services Limited -v- Minister for Public Expenditure and ReformCourt of Appeal02/20/2018
02/05/2018Allied Irish Banks plc -v- O'Keeffe, JrHigh Court02/20/2018
02/05/2018Konadu -v- The Director of Public ProsecutionsHigh Court02/20/2018
02/05/2018Laois County Council -v- Nutgrove Sand and Gravel Limited & orsHigh Court02/20/2018
02/05/2018Morrow -v- Fields of Life Trust Limited & anorHigh Court02/20/2018
02/16/2018O'Reilly -v- Commissioner of An Garda SiochanaCourt of Appeal02/19/2018
02/15/2018Minister for Justice & Equality -v- VilkasCourt of Appeal02/19/2018
02/14/2018P.L. -v- Clinical Director of St. Patrick's University Hospital & anorCourt of Appeal02/19/2018
02/07/2018McCauley -v- FergusCourt of Appeal02/19/2018
01/29/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- N.R. Court of Appeal02/19/2018
01/22/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- O'ByrneCourt of Appeal02/19/2018
01/22/2018Enev -v- Dublin City CouncilHigh Court02/19/2018
01/16/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- SextonCourt of Appeal02/19/2018
01/12/2018Citywest Logistical Limited(Formerly know as Cassidy Wines Ltd.) -v- The Revenue CommissionersHigh Court02/19/2018
12/14/2017Redmond & anor -v- Commissioner for Environmental Information & anorHigh Court02/19/2018
02/24/2017Permanent TSB Plc (Formely Irish Life and Permanent Plc) -v- DonohoeHigh Court02/19/2018
02/13/2018Bennett & ors -v- Earlsfort Centre (Developments) Unlimited CompanyHigh Court02/16/2018
02/06/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- HughesCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
01/30/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Sychulec & GruchaczCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
01/30/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- TrifonovsCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
01/22/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- R McCCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
02/13/2018Minister for Justice & Equality -v- LipinskiSupreme Court02/15/2018
02/09/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- O'LoughlinCourt of Appeal02/15/2018
02/08/2018Zalewski -v- Adjudication Officer (Glackin) & orsHigh Court02/15/2018
02/05/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- F.C.Court of Appeal02/15/2018
02/02/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- GronskiCourt of Appeal02/15/2018
01/29/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- C.Q.Court of Appeal02/15/2018
01/22/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Fitzgerald & O'DriscollCourt of Appeal02/15/2018
02/14/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- SolowiowSupreme Court02/14/2018
02/14/2018Donoghue -v- O'Donoghue & orsCourt of Appeal02/14/2018
02/14/2018MM -v- The Minister for Justice & Equality & orsSupreme Court02/14/2018
02/14/2018Moore -v- Minister for Arts, Heritage and the GaeltachtCourt of Appeal02/14/2018