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Sittings Notices

Longford Circuit Court.

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Longford Court Office

Longford Michaelmas Sittings 2016 - callover on 10th October 2016

There will be a callover of Circuit Court actions awaiting a hearing date on Monday 10th October 2016 at 11.00 a.m. at the Courthouse, Main Street, Longford in respect of the Michaelmas sitting of Longford Civil and Family Law Sittings commencing on the 15th November (3 days) and the 6th December (1 week), 13 December (1 week) and 20 December (2 days).

At the callover it will be essential for all legal practitioners to inform the County Registrar of the following information when each case is called:

  • That all pleadings have been closed and that the action is ready for hearing
  • The approximate length of time each court action will take at hearing
  • The number of witnesses on each side
  • That all witnesses have confirmed their availability to attend court in Longford for dates mentioned above
  • That counsel is available.