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Solicitor applications for grants of representation

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Solicitor applications for grants of representation to the Dublin Probate Office can be made by post or by attending (in person or by your agent) at the Seat Office. Check with your local District Probate Registry for their arrangements in respect of solicitor applications, as there may be regional variations.

Postal applications.

Solicitor applications for grants of representation submitted by post to the Dublin Probate Office must be accompanied by a completed Form S1 and must be clearly addressed to 'SEAT OFFICE'. Complete a separate Form S1 for each case.

When submitting Form S1 to the Dublin Probate Office, ensure the envelope is clearly addressed to 'SEAT OFFICE'.

» More information about the procedure for postal applications to the Rules Office.

Counter service.

Applications for De Bonis Grants and applications involving a foreign (other than United Kingdom) dimension will not be accepted at the Seat Office public counter.

The processing of such applications takes a considerable period of time and leads to long queues and waiting times for others. In the interests of a speedier and more efficient service for all please lodge applications by DX, post or deposit in the drop-in box in the Seat Office.

General information.

This page contains general information relevant to applications for grants of representation. If you have a query/issue in relation to a probate matter, check the probate section of this website for the information that you need. This is the primary information portal of the Dublin Probate Office. Due to limited resources a reduced telephone/email support service is available.

Service delivery.

Please check all your applications before submitting them to the Seat Office to ensure they are in order. Rejected applications will result in delays.

On occasion a grant may have already issued in an estate. To establish whether or not this is the situation and so avoid delays (especially in cases where the deceased is dead for a considerable period of time) the solicitor dealing with the administration of the estate should search the Probate Public Register to establish the position in advance of making the application for a grant.

Rejected applications: common reasons.

In relation to solicitors’ applications for grants of representation, refer to rejected applications: common reasons. This page contains common rejection reasons and tips on how to avoid your application being rejected for these reasons. Practitioners are asked to familiarise themselves with this information as this will help to reduce the number of rejected applications.

Practising certificates.

Solicitors’ applications are accepted from solicitors who hold a practising certificate within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland. Solicitors from other jurisdictions should instruct a solicitor from within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland to process applications on their behalf (and to provide advice and guidance on Irish probate practice).


Content reviewed: April 2019