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The Freedom of Information Act 2014 allows public access to information held by public bodies which is not routinely available through other sources.

This site provides a range of easily accessible information within a Publication Scheme and also provides a disclosure log detailing Freedom of Information requests processed on a quarterly basis by the Courts Service from April 2016.

Some of the records held by the Courts Service are routinely available to the public. For example, you can get lists of court sittings such as the Legal Diary. This type of information is available without the need to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Court sittings are open to the public who may enter, see and listen to justice being administered except where the 'in camera' sign is displayed. This means that the case is not open to the general public.

Records relating to court proceedings

Court records are under the control of the courts and not the Courts Service.

In general, you would have to apply to the court (not the Courts Service) to get information about a court record. This is in line with section 65 of the Court Officers Act, 1926 which states that

'all proofs and all other documents and papers lodged in or handed in to any court in relation to or in the course of the hearing of any suit or matter shall be held by or at the order and disposal of the judge or the senior of the judges by or before whom such suit is heard.'

More information on access to court records 

Court Rules Committees

Below are links to the Freedom of Information Act 2014 publication schemes of the court rules committees.

» Superior Courts Rules Committee 
» Circuit Court Rules Committee 
» District Court Rules Committee