Going to court

Here we provide general information for people attending court for the first time, including;

Witness: a person who has been called to give evidence in a case.

Victim: a person against whom a crime has been committed.

Plaintiff: a person who brings a legal action against another.

Defendant: a person against whom an action is brought; a person charged with a criminal offence.

Visiting the court before the case.

You may wish to visit to the court venue before the date of the case to familiarize yourself with the layout. If you would like someone to show you around and explain the layout, you can contact the court office beforehand to agree a suitable date and time for your visit.

Giving evidence by video-link.

Evidence is normally given from within the courtroom. However in certain circumstances it may be necessary to use a video-link from a separate location. If this is the case, you may wish to see the video-link set-up beforehand. A visit can be arranged by contacting the court office dealing with the case.

Members of the public.

There is a public area in the courtroom where people may sit quietly and listen. The public can go into any court unless the case is being held 'in camera', which means in private. This is to protect the privacy of the people in the court.

In the courtroom.

Click this link to find a poster showing who's who in the courtroom.

More information available on this site.

We have a range of other information throughout the site for those going to court. For example;

Jury Service: a section giving lots of information on jury service and, as the need arises, notices for those called for jury service.

The Courts:  this section gives information on the jurisdictions of the courts - district, circuit, high and supreme.

Offices & Maps:  contains office contact details and maps showing the location of offices and the main court venues.

Terms & Sittings:  the scheduled sitting dates for all courts.

Legal Diary:  daily court lists for Supreme, High and Circuit courts.

Publications:  leaflets, booklets, audio publications including a DVD entitled Going to Court for young witnesses.

Family Law: a section with information for those attending the family law courts.

The Citizens Information website also contains a range of court related information. www.citizensinformation.ie.

page updated: 10 September 2015