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Organisation and Management.

The Service is governed by a board consisting of a chairperson and seventeen other members.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the accounting officer and has responsibility for managing and controlling staff as well as the day-to-day business of the Service.

The Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team comprises the Chief Executive Officer and five Heads of Directorates.

Chief Executive:

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

° Secretariat to the Board and the CEO.
° Internal Audit Unit.
° Judicial Support Service Unit.
° Media Relations Service.


Superior Courts Operations Directorate:

» General management and day to day operation of offices of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.

° Supreme Court Office.
° Court of Appeal Office.
° High Court Offices.
° Judicial Researchers.
° Judicial Assistants.

Circuit & District Court Operations Directorate:

» General management and day to day operation of all offices of the circuit and  district courts and regional offices.

° Regional Managers and Offices.
° Circuit Court and District Court Offices.
° Central Criminal Court Office.
° Special Criminal Court Office

Resource Management Directorate:

» Finance - including court funds.
» Organisation Development & Training.
» Human resources.

° Finance Unit - vote.
° Accountant's Office - funds.
° Organisation Development and Training Unit.
° Human Resources Unit.
° Personnel and Industrial Relations.

Infrastructure Services Directorate:

» Estates & Buildings.
» Information & Communications Technology.
» Information services.

° Estate Management Unit.
° ICT Unit.
° Information Office.
° Health and Safety Coordinator.

Reform & Development Directorate:

» Support for the court rules committees.
» Reform of court legislation.
» Modernisation of court rules, practices and procedures.
» Design of case progression systems (county & court registrars) and case management systems (judges).
» Library services

° Reform & Development Unit.
° Support Unit for three Court Rules Committees.
° Judges' Library.